Neanderthal man. Painting by Mauro Cutrona. Courtesy by Marco Peresani, Ferrara University.


International Conference under the aegis of UISPP (The International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences) and the auspicies of IFRAO (The International Federation of Rock Art Organisations);
President of the Scientific Committee: Prof. Dr. Henry de Lumley, Director of the Institute of Human Palaeontology in Paris.
The Vice Presidents are: Prof. Dr. Luiz Oosterbeek, Secretary General of the UISPP (The International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences); Prof. Dr. Giacomo Giacobini, Secretary General of the International Association for the Study of Human Palaeontology; Robert Bednarik, Secretary General of the IFRAO (The International Federation of Rock Art Organizations).

This conference will be held by Centro Studi e Museo d’Arte Preistorica (CeSMAP):

“Is there palaeoart before modern humans ?
Did Neanderthals or other early humans create ‘art’ ?”

Conference to be held at the University of Turin, Italy
From 23 to 27 August 2018

Academic sessions will be from 23 to 25 August 2018,
followed by field trips to Neanderthal sites on 26 and 27 August (Fumane Cave, Verona, Italy and Ciota Ciara Cave, Borgosesia, Italy).

The three sessions:

1. Changes in environment and human adaptations.

2. Changes in the utilitarian and non-utilitarian productions in two million years of human history.

3. The dawn of art-like productions and behaviours.


Alternative suggestions are invited, as well as expressions
of interest in organising specific sessions or symposia.

Further announcements will be made progressively.

Interested researchers are encouraged to submit preliminary proposals by e-mail to: